There is no question that child custody battles are often intensely emotional affairs in which all parties are repeatedly scrutinized and confronted by the court system, attorneys, courts, and even private detectives. It is an expensive and often stressful process, with parents under tremendous pressure to monitor what they do and say during the process and with children at stake. It can be a highly competitive arena for both sides, as most people feel they are fighting to win or at least obtain primary custody of their children.

Child custody battles occur in a variety of settings: at home, at school, at playgrounds, and in playgrounds, etc., and are often the result of one or both parents wanting to spend more time with their children. However, as parents attempt to navigate this complicated legal process to gain the best possible custody arrangement for the children involved, they are often confronted by a wide range of challenges.

Parents who are involved in child custody battles often have significant financial and emotional stakes in the battle and are willing to go to great lengths to ensure that their children are well taken care of. Parents may spend countless hours preparing paperwork and serving papers, which only increases the stress levels. Parents may even go to great lengths to ensure that their children “win” at all costs, including arranging grandparent visitation rights, intimidating their children and/or their other witnesses with lawsuits, and so forth.

Because many child custody battles require a lot of paperwork, parents find that their time is limited. They become so overwhelmed with paperwork that they simply give up hope of ever getting through all the paperwork and get stuck in a rut, trying to figure out everything, and paying exorbitant amounts of money. Many of these parents also are intimidated by the thought that their children are being taken away from them, which is why many children are not forthcoming about their true feelings and are unwilling to speak about their custody arrangements.

When parents do speak about child custody battles, the truth usually isn’t told, which makes the whole process a little bit difficult. Often the children are not completely aware that they are being removed from the parents’ custody. Often, parents make up outrageous stories about the other parent in an attempt to keep the children from being taken from them and, or in hopes of keeping the mother from having full custody. In some cases, children themselves lie and/or try to deceive the judge in hopes of helping the other parent.

The battle can also be very emotionally draining, especially for the child and often leave children suffer because of the pain and anguish that accompany the separation. The children are often emotionally drained and may not understand why they are being separated from one parent. Child custody battles and its associated pain can also lead to depression for some children.

Child custody battles often take a toll on a child. They will be put off activities, become less creative and socially active, and may suffer mental scars that can last a lifetime. They will also feel guilt, anger, anxiety, and frustration, which can cause them to be physically or emotionally unwell. A child can be subjected to constant emotional and physical abuse.

Sometimes child custody battles can even result in the death of a child, due to lack of proper medical care or neglect by a parent’s spouse, and if the parents don’t act soon enough the child may not receive adequate treatment. If a parent doesn’t act soon enough to secure custody of the child, they may end up living with a stranger, who may not provide them with proper medical attention, thus putting their lives in danger. If a parent fails to secure custody, the children will then be placed in foster care or in some other inappropriate situation where the child is at greater risk.